Please join
Global Action Day –
the1000th Wednesday Demonstrations
(12/14/11 at 11:30am-12:30pm in front of the Japanese Embassy, 2520 Massachusetts Ave  Washington D.C., DC 20008)
the following demands to the Japanese government are made:

1. Acknowledge the war crime
2. Reveal the truth in its entirety about the crimes of military sexual slavery 
3. Make an official apology
4. Make legal reparations
5. Punish those responsible for the war crime.
6. Accurately record the crime in the history textbooks

The 1000th Wednesday Demonstration is the cradle of peace and human rights movement against war and gender-based violence. In spite of Japan’s persistent inaction to commit to its responsibility, the Wednesday Demonstration has turned into a place for peace and women’s human rights. The demonstration has also become a living site for educating history and bringing people together in solidarity beyond gender, borders, ideologies under one cause – to ensure justice. The victimized survivors have proudly become human rights activists, spreading new hope to the many suffering women around the globe.

This coming December 14th, the Wednesday Demonstration will mark its 1000th weekly protest rain or shine. Please join the Wednesday Demonstration which has filled every Wednesday with a message of justice- “Justice to Comfort Women.” The 1000th protest will be held as an international solidarity action calling for restoration of justice for the victims.

The Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues is staffed entirely by volunteers. In recent years, WCCW activities have included preparation of educational videos, publications, newspaper advertisements, TV and radio appearances, public speeches, symposiums, research and translation of scholarly materials concerning Comfort Women.

Your contribution to the Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues will allow us to continue to promote awareness of Comfort Women Issues and educate the public about these atrocities that occurred during WWII. WCCW is funded entirely by generous contributions and in-kind support from the private and public sectors.

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